Golden Beet Caprese

Super easy, quick, and delicious!

This recipe is a twist on an old classic. Instead of using tomatoes like a normal caprese, I used my new favorite vegetable: the golden beet. Golden beets are a little difficult to come by so if they are unavailable, try regular beets or resort back to tomatoes.

What you need:

  • 3 boiled and peeled golden beets
  • Fresh mozzarella cheese
  • Fresh basil
  • enFuso early harvest (robust) smoked olive oil
  • enFuso aged Balsamic vinegar – Pomegranate
  • Salt and pepper to taste

The prep time takes much longer than the assembly line due to boiling the beets. The beets need about 1 hour to boil with skins on. After they are easy to poke with a fork, remove from boiling water and let cool. Once cool skins will easily peel off using just your hands. Next cut the beets in thin slices.

Place beets on a plate and stack the cheese and basil on top of each slice.

Now its time to drizzle! Pour enFuso light-grassy base smoked olive oil over your beet caprese. The amount of oil depends on how much you like the flavor of the smoke. I personally used about 3 table spoons on two plates.

If you love the flavor of smoked olive oil and are not as fond of balsamic vinegar, you can stop here and begin eating. I, however, love the flavor of balsamic so I added a quick splash of our aged balsamic, pomegranate flavor. Lastly, add a big of salt and pepper to taste. Here is the end result:


Tasters of this recipe liked it both before and after I added the balsamic. They also really appreciated the taste of smoke on this very vegetarian classic. I liked the recipe better with the balsamic, however, the flavor of smoke is slightly masked. Give it a try and feel free to add any personal feedback. Enjoy!

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