Quick Snack ~ Goat Cheese & Crackers

After several hours of some heavy duty gardening I was really hungry, but too engaged in my gardening project to want more than a 5 minute break. I made this snack super quick – so yummy and it kept me going until I could finish.

The ingredients are simple:

1. Any crispy and flavorful whole grain cracker. I used Miton’s Craft Bakers original Multi-Grain baked snack crackers.

2. Any chevre or spreadable goat cheese. I used some garlic and onion cheese made by Drake Family Farms that I recently got at a Farmer’s market. Check them out at www.drakefamilyfarms.com.

3. Smoked olive oil. I used the Capay Valley Early Harvest EVOO.

Spread the cheese on the cracker… drizzle with olive oil… EAT!

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1 Response to Quick Snack ~ Goat Cheese & Crackers

  1. soapcottage says:

    Thank you for the recipe and for mentioning our Drake Family Farms chevre.

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