Seared Ahi Drizzed with Smoked Olive Oil

We were at the local market and the butcher had some ends of fresh ahi left over after cutting some sushi and offered it for sale at 1/2 price… why not! We brought it home and cooked it right away for a healthy snack after a work out.

We cut the ahi into nice size chunks- about 1-2 inches thick and rectangles about 2-3 inches long.

Then we salt & peppered the fish and dipped it in Italian Seasoned Bread Crumbs (for extra flavor add some additional extra Italian Seasoning).

We pre-heated olive oil in our heavy duty nickel fry pan (you can use something similar like cast iron  – but do not use non stick).

We seared the breaded ahi 30-45 seconds per side on all exposed sides.

Then we drizzled it with some enFuso early harvest (buttery) smoked olive oil and ate it with fresh cilantro.

It was quick, yummy and the perfect protein to revive our energy!

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