Smoky Dukkah Pesto

The Pig and Quill hit a home run again.


Per her suggestion, after watching your fav TV show (for her its Smash and yes I agree about McPhee – been a fan since Idol) “… pick up (from Trader Joe’s, doi) or make some totes addictive Dukkah — the spice-nut condiment of 2013 — and merge it into this stupendous pesto ASAP. Because it’s sweet/savory/textural and perfectly uummmmmmmmm(mami), aaaaaand it’s got more of that fantastic Smoked Olive Oil I’ve been obsessing over.”

For  the full recipe, just go here.

I personally am going to make a pesto pizza with this and a little goat cheese (after I wax the floor with it).

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1 Response to Smoky Dukkah Pesto

  1. emily says:

    Sounds like a great application of the pesto, Anne. These olive oils just keep getting better. 😉 Thanks for the reblog, too. Always appreciated!

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