enFuso miracle super low-cal noodle salads

Two recipes

Last week-end I attended the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco California. What a great event. But, after about 5 aisles of unlimited sampling of exceptional toffee, chocolate covered anything, condiments, cheeses, cured meets, olives, chips, candies …. UGH, I was entering a serious food coma. I was craving something light and fresh so my attention was totally captured when I saw this sign and zeroed in on the related products.

IMG_1783     IMG_1782

So this blog shows my first two instinctive recipes. Fresh, easy, and totally delicious on the very first try. I purchased my miracle noodles at my favorite local market, Sprouts. Each package is two servings so I purchased two packages of the angle hair variety. Two noodle salads for hubby Jon and I to share.

My idea was to add the flavor with enFuso flavored olive oils and the body with a variety of healthy salad items.

We cooked the miracle noodle per the instructions.

  1. Drain and rinse in cool water
  2. Blanch for about a minute in boiling water
  3. Set aside to drain and cool

IMG_1800  IMG_1806 IMG_1807

I made a tex-mex salad and an asian salad and I can say they were both a major hit for both of us.

Tex Mex Noodle Salad Ingredients:

  1. 1 package Miracle Noodle Angel Hair variety – prepared per instructions
  2. Frozen white corn (we used an organic brand) – rinsed and drained
  3. Canned garbonzo beans (we used an organic brand with no salt) – rinsed and drained
  4. Colorful bell peppers (we used orange and red) – sliced thin
  5. 1 green onion – sliced thin
  6. enfuso Chili Cilantro olive oil – 1 tablespoon
  7. salt and pepper to taste (we use kosher salt and fresh ground pepper)
  8. OPTIONAL – but adds really great flavor – a sprinkling of grated mexican style (blend of jack and cheddar) cheese


Asian Noodle Salad Ingredients:

  1. 1 package Miracle Noodle Angel Hair variety – prepared per instructions
  2. Water chestnuts – drained and sliced thin
  3. Cabbage – sliced thin
  4. Sugar snap peas – break off the ends and slice into small pieces
  5. Carrot – grated
  6. English hothouse or Persian miniature cucumber – peeled and diced
  7. Raw sunflower seeds
  8. enFuso Persian Lime Cold Pressed Citrus Olive Oil – 1 tablespoon
  9. salt and pepper to taste (we use kosher salt and fresh ground pepper)



  • Put the noodles in a mixing bowl
  • Add the ingredients to the quantity that looks good to the eye
  • Cut through with a butter knife and toss thoroughly
  • EAT!

Below is my selected quantity of ingredients for first the Tex Mex and second the Asian style salads. You can vary based on your preferences.

IMG_1808  IMG_1819

Here is the cut and blended Tex-Mex version ready to eat. This has the added grated Mexican cheese blend … just a touch.


We think – plate the salad with some grilled chicken and you have a satisfying meal that has to be super low cal and full of healthy foods. I am totally eating this next for lunch!

You can find out more about miracle noodle at the super hard to remember website … www.miraclenoodle.com.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe idea – will need to check it out the website.

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